Effort over Expectation.

We always have an expectation of how something might turn out.

What it will look like once things start progressing, how an action will cause a reaction, etc.

But, life often decides to throw a curveball right past our expectations.

We think we have the answer on lock – we think it HAS TO BE this way, and it ends up turning a different way.

This is, of course, frustrating, but it can be served as a reminder that life truly does what it wants and the world keeps on turning.

We try so hard to control everything around us and predict what comes next on our terms, but life moves at a pace that we will never fully predict.

So, what can we do?


We can control ourselves.

We can put in the effort to make something happen with what is truly in our hands (and in the hopes that those actions help us move WITH others, instead of against others.)

We want to move WITH.

The effort we put forth will always have us creating an expectation of what will result from it, but today I encourage you to just “do” instead of “expect”.

If you put forth the effort, it will reap what it should.

You don’t need to force things to happen – they will happen if the effort is put forth.

And remember – it won’t always happen at the TIME you expect and in the WAY you expect, but it will happen.

So let’s put forth the effort today to move forward how we know best and be patient in knowing that it will eventually reap what it shall.

“E for effort.”


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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