Locked in.

As someone who is constantly planning and setting goals, I am looking at where I want to be in the future and the steps I should take to try and reach that point.

They always talk about “enjoying the grind” and just trusting your process.

I have truly found the importance of this thought process.

I am someone who is either locked in or I’m not.

I’m 100 or 0 and it’s hard for me to float in the middle.

If I am in the middle, I work to get to one end quickly and efficiently.

We know what we want, what we are searching for…

So let’s get locked in.

Let’s lock into what those things are – those places are – those people are.

Let’s get locked into the process, the focus, the steps.

I want to stay strapped in from point A to point Z.

I know these things are what I want, so why not go do it?

I understand for many, the 100 or 0 may not be so clear on a lot of things right now.

But I am telling you, when you reach 100, get locked in and go for it.

It’s ALWAYS worth it.

Whether it ends in success or tough learning, it’s always worth it to strap in and go.

Let’s get locked in this week as we work towards our goals, our places, our people.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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