Writing helps me paint my picture.

The opportunity to be a writer is one that I take advantage of every single day.

When I first started writing consistently, whether it was journaling, blogging, or other sources, I did it to just take my mind off of things going on around me.


Today, I am using writing to turn my mind on. I am using writing to help me lay out and analyze my life, my emotions, and my thoughts.

Being able to see my thoughts put on a page or into words is always helpful.

As a HUGE advocate for self-reflection, I think writing is one of the best things you can do.

The perks of writing are endless, but the thing I love the most about writing is that it helps me create the exact message I want to portray.

Writing helps me hone in on exactly what I want to say to others.

Many times, when my mind is spinning, I cannot properly form an idea or a sentence to describe what is going on.

I am not able to match the picture in my mind to the words in a conversation.

It’s incredibly frustrating to me when I am trying to tell someone something, and I say it, but it comes across as a completely different picture than the one that is painted in my mind.

What writing does for me is it allows me to take my time when painting my verbal picture.

I don’t have to worry about holding the conversation. I don’t have to worry about my brain fog when I get off track. I can methodically piece together a picture through the words I write.

I can edit. I can let my idea soak and take my time with my writing. I can use inflection on the page/the screen to help portray pieces of my image/idea I am creating.

It is comforting knowing that I don’t have to worry about saying exactly what I want to say when I am writing.

Writing is powerful. Time is powerful. Words are powerful.

When I think about this concept, it reminds me of the song “Runaway” by Kanye West.

In the final few minutes of the song, Kanye is heard singing into a vocoder and supplying heavy editing to his voice to make his words and his message hard to understand.

However, I understand exactly what he’s saying.

Not verbally or literally, but metaphorically.

Based on the message throughout the song (when he is audible), Kanye discusses how he is aware that many times, his messages to the public are misconstrued and he knows his words aren’t how he is intending to come across. It is frustrating for him.

When he gets to the part that is not audible, he is singing the same words from earlier in the song, but you can hardly tell. This represents how we sometimes don’t understand Kanye’s words and don’t capture the message/picture he is creating, despite it being clear to Kanye. He knows this and knows that’s just how he is.

But when he can take his time writing his lyrics and creating his art of music, he can portray exactly what he wants to say at the moment.

He uses his art to speak.


I completely relate to this related to writing.

I know that many times my words don’t portray the message/image I want them to.

But with writing (my source of art), I can create the perfect setup.


It is such a blessing to be able to create what I want without being anxious…


Thank you, writing.

(and Kanye)





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