Learning a life lesson while being the teacher.

One of my summer jobs is being a youth golf coach at The First Tee of Greater Kansas City.

Through the lessons, we are teaching youth golfers ages 6-17 all across Kansas City life lessons while improving their golf skills.

This past Saturday, the lesson we taught to our class resonated with me just as much as it did with our students.

We talked about how positive thinking can help us not only in everyday life, but especially in setting goals.

I realized how many times I tell myself not to do something, because if I do it, it has a negative consequence. What I need to be doing is telling myself to do something that has a positive consequence.

Our golf example was this:

Goal I want to achieve: I want to make par on this hole.

Negative goal: I do not want to hit this shot to the right, because if I hit it to the right, it will go in the water and I will not make a par.

Positive goal: I want to hit this shot in the fairway, because that gives me the best chance to make a par.

As I thought about these straight-forward examples, I realized how beneficial it can be to apply this to my everyday life.

An example of this in my life:

Goal I want to achieve: I want to be a light to others for God.

Negative goal: I don’t want to cuss because that does not allow me to be a light unto others for God.

Positive goal: I will focus on God today because if my eyes and mind are on Him, I can be a light to others while improving my personal relationship with Him at the same time.

Little adjustments to your mindset can yield completely different outcomes.

It is amazing how you can learn so much as a teacher while giving a lesson that is meant for those who don’t know anything about your material.

Just because I knew how to make a positive goal, doesn’t mean I was applying it.

Regarding my last post, I discussed how faith takes application. This usage of positive goals/positive thinking is going to be a part of my application going forward.

I am forever thankful for life lessons like these, especially when they are totally unexpected.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” – Colossians 3:17

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