February 8th: Next Steps.

There are many things in my life that I want to and need to get on track, but I feel like I put them off because of my lack of awareness for what those things could do for me. Simple tasks such as working out, serving once a week at my church, sending my grandparents an email. Little steps lead to big results, but I feel as if I am choosing to avoid taking little steps because I want the big results now.

I need to learn to be patient and pray upon my life and what steps I need to take. God works in your life over time and everything is a process. I have to be aware of this and realize that if we all got what we wanted/got an answer right away, life would be too easy. We wouldn’t experience what its like to feel God’s presence in times where it’s hard to trust anyone. The hard times build us up more than any good times ever will. The good times are nice, but the bad times lead to growth and maturity. Experience is a huge part of life and as you gain it, you realize what is most important: Letting God work things out for you. Once you try to grab the reigns and do it yourself, it eventually will lead to a wrong turn.

This week, I will pray on what steps I need to take and to be patient as I continue my walk.

One thought on “February 8th: Next Steps.

  1. Leaning on God and His presence every minute, every turn is so crucial. I still need to be reminded of this, so thank you, Son. You are amazing. What a glorious blessing it is to be ministered to by your own children. ❤


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