As I sat and watched my favorite team, The Philadelphia Eagles, play football last night, I kept finding reasons to expect the worst.

They were legitimate reasons to be skeptical (injuries, bad defensive play at times, etc.), but it wasn’t good for me to keep thinking about the bad.

Not only were those bad things from earlier in the game that were over with (things in the past), I never thoughts about their task at hand: One play.


Sports, Music, Life: It’s all one play/note/step at a time.

I am a diehard fan of The Philadelphia Eagles, but I acted almost like a hater last night.


I am also a diehard fan of being a better man each day, and I realized how this translates to my everyday life.


There are lots of things that happen every day that I could take and immediately make negative.

Things that happened in the past that I let linger in my mind, making me think I can’t do something.


One step at a time.


There’s a reason why that thing is in the past!

I want to look up and move forward, not look back and move back.

I need to remind myself of the so many positives and opportunities that the Eagles have and that I have.

Opportunities to be better, to win, to be great.


The Eagles have the opportunity to be the best football team they can be.

I have the opportunity to be the best man I can be.


I hope that both the Eagles and I can reach that potential.


It all starts with being positive.




(Fly Eagles Fly)

One thought on “Positive.

  1. good news for avonte, eagles proved you are not defeated before you start and overcame all the reasons they shouldnt win – it not only takes effort it also takes courage in the face of a mind full of lies to show yourself that gods power and plans are much more capable than anything we can justify makes sense while we are standing in it.  you are living with the lord inside, you are more powerful than you even can imagine, me too………i just have to keep telling myself and believing it – im old and have a lot of trials under my belt and have seen god do a lot but i still struggle with it, im getting better but  not where i want to be.  I love you!!!



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